Danessa Myricks Beauty Vision Cream Cover

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Envision perfect skin with Danessa Myricks Beauty's newest complexion magic series. Vision Cream Cover is an all-in-one foundation & concealer created with the latest in texture minimizing technology to model the art of perfect skin while defying age, concealment of skin conditions such as hyper-pigmentation and the ability to cover uneven discolorations while appearing like gorgeous skin.

What it is: A hybrid lightweight cream foundation that achieves a radiant, silky smooth finish.

Can be used alone or with Danessa Myrick's Prism FX Hydrating Lotion. User friendly foundation can be used sheer or built to full coverage.

What it does: Formulated with low-density hydrating ingredients that inspire high-impact pigments with featherweight texture.

Formulated with hydrating and protective Vitamin E – 100% Vegan & Cruelty Free

15 ml.

Transformer Series

  • TO-01 (Olive) Color Transformer – Clarity and brightness. Perfect to neutralize redness. Olive skin tones – medium range.
  • TP-01 (Warm) Color Additive – Clarity and brightness. Warm skin tones – light to medium range.
  • TP-02 (Peach) Color Transformer – Intense warmth, clarity & brightness. Warm skin tones – medium to deep range.
  • TY-01 (Yellow) Color Additive – Clarity and brightness. Fair skin tones.
  • TY-02 (Yellow) Color Transformer – Clarity and brightness. Fair skin tones.

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