Norcostco Texas

Norcostco – Texas Costume
 1231 Wycliff Avenue, Suite 300
 Dallas, TX 75207-6205
 Toll Free: 800-657-1887
 Phone: 214-630-4048
 Fax: 214-630-4474
Standard Hours: (Central Time Zone)
Updated 4-20-2020
Orders and Curbside Pickup : 9am to 6pm Monday-Friday

Store Hours:
  Monday - Friday: Closed Due to Covid-19
  Saturday: Closed Due to Covid-19
  Sunday: Closed
Holiday Closed Dates 2020
  Closed April 10th for Easter weekend
  Closed May 23rd and 25th for Memorial Day
  Closed July 3rd and July 4th for Independence Day
  Closed  September 7th for Labor Day
  Closed November 26th - November 28th for Thanksgiving
  Closed December TBD