Stage Rigging Inspections

Theater Stage Rigging Inspections
Theater Stage Rigging Inspections:

ANSI E1.47 – 2017 Entertainment Technology, Recommended Guidelines for Entertainment Rigging System Inspections states that Manually Operated Equipment and Motorized Equipment should be inspected annually or immediately after equipment or components have been newly installed, altered or repaired.

We provide ANSI Level 1 & Level 2 theater stage rigging inspections by trained & experienced technicians that are ETCP certified riggers.

Inspections include:

All types of rigging
Dead hung curtains and light bars
Counter-weighted fly systems
Electric winches
All curtains/drapes
Fire curtains
Rooftop smoke vent hatches, doors
Choral risers
Acoustical shells
Orchestra pits
Catwalk areas
Theater/stage areas

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