Historical Accuracy


 It’s a chance for students and people to experience hands-on learning. We design historically accurate costumes to maximize the educational opportunities in theater for both cast & audience.

A great costume helps present & teach different eras of history. When a show takes audiences and crews to worlds of the past, different cultures, or across different eras of our own histories, it behooves us to do so accurately. 

Norcostco costumes are designed to be historically and culturally appropriate. 

We take care in the design process to ensure that looks are inspired by true garments of the times or culture in your show- all the way down to the fine details and embellishments.

The show Something Rotten! is set in the Elizabethan era. These costumes are inspired by true garments of that time, and opens the opportunity to teach about when, where and why people would wear such attire.  

Accurate costumes help actor and audience experience characters and settings to the fullest, and engages them to believe in the art of performing. 


Belonging in theater is a chance to learn collaboration and teamwork. We won’t let bummer costumes ruin the vibe.


There may be future costume designers in your ranks. We want to spark future careers in the theater with experiences that last a lifetime. It may start with in your show and our costumes. 

Check out our gallery site to see more examples of costumes by time period. 

Head to our costume plots page to learn more about the rental process and find your show.