Costume Rentals


Here in the costuming wing of Norcostco, we are stitched right into your production. Get lost in our warehouse of in-house crafted, historically-accurate, alteration-ready, flair-approved costumes that enable anyone to feel like a star. Browse from hundreds of show-specific plots, or seek costumes by era & cultural accuracy. No matter your production, we’ll hand select the right look for your production & actors.

Our rental process starts with a costume plot

See how the rental process works, and get started finding the costumes right for your production. Real theater professionals will be guiding you along the way.

Why we care about historical accuracy

We care about the accuracy of costumes. We design our costumes to era & setting to create a convincing production and to champion educational qualities of theater.


Designed, made & cared for in-house

Our costumers are theater people, and it shows in our design process. From fabric selections to the little details, trims & embellishments that bring pop to the garment, we make costumes that live for the stage. We care for the costumes ourselves, and promise a clean & enjoyable experience with rentals. 

Costumes for every actor

We strive to make costumes in a huge range of sizes & variety colors, & make alterations so that we may provide anyone a costume to feel confident and proud in. Our stock covers a range of 30-68 chest (suits) and 24-60 bust (dresses).

Historically accurate & culturally appropriate

Norcostco costumes are true to era & setting; appropriate for and inclusive of today’s audiences. We believe in the educational qualities of theater, and that everyone in your audience should be able to enjoy the performance.

We hand select your costumes

We provide plot information & example photos of costumes that fit your production. When it comes time to find the exact costumes fit for your actors & show, a costumer will hand pick and alter the costumes.

See how a Norcostco costumes comes to life.

Download costume plots from our featured shows, or peruse our library of hundreds of shows!