Zombie Kit - Deluxe

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1301 – Crème Foundation- Death Flesh 1333 – Ben Nye Final Seal
365 – Ben Nye ZW Zombie Wheel (F/X Colors) 1251 – Stipple Sponge, 3”x4” block
1386 – Ben Nye DW Death Wheel (Foundations) 1257 – Non-Latex Sponge, 8 wedge block
1310 – Ben Nye Crème Liner, Black 1263 – Double Head Swab, box of 80
1210 – Lining Pencil-Black 1269 – Slant Tip Spatula, 40
1361 – Ben Nye Fresh Scab, 1 oz. 1261 – Mini Puff
1350 – Liquid Latex, 2oz.
1402 – Ben Nye Neutral Set Powder
  1. Start with a clean and moisturized but oil-free face.
  2. Using a swab, dab latex in thin layered patches where you want a potential injury: forehead and cheek, for example. Repeat application in layers on the areas up to 4 times allowing to dry in between applications. Tip! Use a hair dryer on cool setting to assist with drying process.
  3. Using a tweezers, pluck at areas in the dried latex, pull away from skin, and cut small slices with dull-tipped scissors until you have a wound-looking patch of latex. Powder surface of latex with Neutral Set sprinkled onto powder puff. Press onto surface of latex until no longer sticky.
  4. Lightly spray latex area with Final seal. This seals the latex and allows makeup to stick to it.
  5. Apply Death Flesh foundation all over face, ears, and neck using non-latex sponge triangles; blend into hairline, ears, and down to neckline.
  6. Using finger or supplied swabs, apply Death Blue Grey and/or Death Purple from Zombie Wheel. Color around the eye from the crease to lash line, around inside of nose, and around bottom of eye socket leaving a narrow rim directly beneath lower lash line. Line this rim area with Death Purple. Apply Frankenstein Green color as accent color.
  7. Contour face with Death Blue Grey (mix with black if you prefer the contour color to be darker or feel free to mix colors to create a shadow tone all your own.) Shadow at chin, half circle at temple, streaks to cheekbone / cheek hollow area, contour ears, nasal fold, nostril openings, and faintly frame forehead. Blend to your preference.
  8. Line inside of wound(s) perimeter with black to create shadow and depth. Blend well. Using a swab, apply Dried Blood color from Zombie Wheel to the inside area of wounds. Blend edges with the black to create depth and dimension. Feel free to use other wound type colors as you like.
  9. Lightly, go back over contouring and wounds with stipple sponge using a contrasting color (Fresh Cut, Death Purple or Frankenstein Green) to add dimension.
  10. Blend out contouring to soften and blur.
  11. Highlight face using Pale Vampire or Death Straw from the Death Wheel. Apply this lighter color(s) adjacent to darker contour color(s) over brow, tip of nose, above cheekbone, tip of chin, and nasal fold. Blend to create subtle effect.
  12. Emphasize perpendicular wrinkles around lips and lightly color outside of lips with Black Pencil or Black Crème Liner. Apply Death Purple to innermost part of lips.
  13. Powder entire makeup with Neutral Set evenly and well. Sprinkle Neutral Set Powder onto puff. Fold puff in half to distribute product evenly. Press into the previously applied makeup. Dust off excess.
  14. For that “I’ve just been eating BRAINS” effect, using spatula, apply Thick Blood around nose and mouth. Use stipple sponge to spread and blend. Dribble Stage Blood (available separately) out of mouth, down neckline and onto clothing. Use a medical dropper or an oral syringe to create running blood effects. Allow to dry.


 Zombie Makeup Tutorial - an easy tutorial for everyone!

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