West Side Story Costume Plot

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West Side Story Costume Plot | by Norcostco

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Loosely based on Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, and set in 1950s New York. Rival gangs the Jets and the Sharks battle for the streets of the Upper West Side. Tony, a former Jet, feels Something’s Coming; at a local dance he meets Maria, the younger sister of the Sharks leader Bernardo. The Puerto Rican members of the Sharks sing of America, while the Jets get Cool, boy. Officer Krupke and Doc try to keep the peace, but when Tony’s friend Riff is killed by Bernardo and Tony kills Bernardo in revenge, Anita wants to keep Maria from Tony. Memorable songs include Tonight,“A Boy Like That/I Have a Love, I Feel Pretty and Somewhere.

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West Side Story Costume Plot | by Norcostco
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