Urinetown Costume Plot

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Urinetown Costume Plot | by Norcostco

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It’s a Privilege to Pee in a world struck by drought. Officer Lockstock and Little Sally provide Too Much Exposition to open the show. As people line up for Public Amenity #9, Penelope Pennywise and Bobby Strong enforce the rules, but Old Man Strong is sent to Urinetown by Officers Lockstock and Barrel. Caldwell B. Cladwell runs Urine Good Company, where his daughter Hope Cladwell has just started working. Bobby and Hope both want a new world, where people are free, and others join the revolution, including Little Becky Two-Shoes and Hot Blades Harry. As Hope takes over from her father, she sings I See a River, but the freedom is short-lived and comes at a great cost.

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