Thoroughly Modern Millie Costume Plot

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Thoroughly Modern Millie Costume Plot | by Norcostco

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It’s 1922, and flapper Millie Dillmont heads to New York City, looking for a wealthy husband, but instead finds Jimmy Smith and Miss Dorothy Brown. What they don’t realize is that Mrs. Meers, the proprietess of Hotel Priscilla, is running a white-slavery ring! After “Falling in Love with Someone”, Millie has a disagreement with Jimmy and tries to “Forget About the Boy”. Muzzy van Hossmere helps Millie realize love is more important than money; Ching Ho rescues Miss Dorothy, as they too fall in love. All ends happily, as Trevor Graydon hires Bun Foo as his new stenographer, Dorothy and Jimmy reveal they are Muzzy’s stepchildren, and Ching Ho and Bun Foo are reunited with their mother.

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