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90 Degree Shackle Plate - 1/2 Hole

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There are five unique designs in the Shackle Plates line. Each one allows you the freedom of choice as you design the rigging requirements of your scenery, as well as meeting the changing needs of every production. Quick and easy to use.
Attach the Shackle Plate by bolting to the lowest point of the scenery directly in line with the Keeper Plate that you have bolted to the top of the scenery. The cable line used to suspend the scenery is attached to the Shackle Plate and then run though the Keeper Plates eye opening and finally onto the suspending point.
  • This 90 degree Shackle Plate with 1/2" hole mounts easily to the side-stiles of any wood or metal flat.
  • Made from heavy-gauge steel and pre-drilled for assembly with two 1/4" bolts.
  • Maximum Recomended Working Load (MAX. RWL) = 400 lbs. or 600 lbs. depending on direction of force. Arrows indicate direction of force.
  • Maximum Recomended Working Load (MAX. RWL) are for Shackle Plates only and do not account for end users' attachment methods.
  • Recommended Attachement: Through bolt material using 1/4" rated bolt and nylon locking nut.
    **Shackle Plates are NOT to be used in SIDE LOADS. Side Loading Example above.
    *Shackle Plates are NOT to be used in dynamic load situations.
    *DO NOT use shackle plates to fly people.

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90 Degree Shackle Plate - 1/2 Hole
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