The Makeup Light Key Light 2.0 Master Package

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The Key Light LED panel is the core of The Makeup Light's easy to use lighting system that is trusted by thousands of professional artists.

The second generation Key Light “2.0” series is a dimmable daylight-balanced (5000 K) LED light panel designed for bright and even illumination. A light you can trust. Tested with the most advanced technology, the enhanced 2.0 LED panel delivers exceptional 96+ CRI light and a “color quality scale” (CQS) value of 93. The LED lifetime expectancy is 50,000+ hours.

Finished with a brilliant glossy display and sleek metal case (in “Gold” or “Graphite”), this lightweight panel is a powerful accessory you need in your kit. Durable and portable, the key light is designed to go wherever you go.

Designed to be versatile and multi-functional, the included “Pro / Master” Bag is equipped with a spacious interior, including dual mesh compartments for optimal organization of the Key Light panels, accessories, and beauty essentials. The matching light stand bag is a convertible hybrid, switching from relaxed shoulder bag to backpack. It is spacious enough to fit two light stands, securely fastened with drawstring and spring-stop cord lock.

Key Light 2.0 is Compatible with all existing TML Key Light accessories and mounting options. It also has the same trusted daylight balance and brightness of the original Key Light LED panel.

The Key Light 2.0 Master Package includes:
  • Two Key Light 2.0 LED Panel (7.25 x 9″ / 17.6 x 22 cm)
  • Two Power cord assemblies (14') with in-line, touch-style “flicker-free” dimmer switch
  • Felt pouches for panels and power assemblies
  • Two Quick Release sets
  • Two Goosenecks (for use with the light stand only)
  • Two Light Stands
  • Two EZ-Clamps
  • Two Suction Mounts
  • One 2.0 Pro Master Carry Bag with Stand Bag
Second Generation Key Light 2.0 Specifications:
  • Daylight Balanced at 5000 Kelvin
  • Improved LEDs with “CRI” of 96+ (includes R9 – R15 values)
  • Color Quality Scale “CQS” value of 93
  • International “dual” Voltage (100 – 240 VAC)
  • LED life expectancy, 50,000+ hours
  • LED Panel Size (7.25 x 9″ / 17.6 x 22 cm)
  • LED Panel Weight 1.3 lb (590 g)
  • Sleek metal housing in two colors: “Graphite” or “Gold”
  • Slim profile with protective corner bumpers
  • Glossy light panel surface
  • Smaller universal power assembly featuring in-line, touch-style, flicker-free dimmer switch
  • Compatible with all existing TML Key Light accessories and mounting options
  • Weight: 14.05 lbs
  • Shipping Dimensions: 24" x 11" x 8"

Warranty on Parts and Labor due to manufacturers defect for 1 Year from date of purchase.

 The Key Light Pro Package

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