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Sound Ideas The XV Series 2

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The XV Series 2 Sound Effects Library

Sound Ideas has done it again - this second installment of The Best of Sound Ideas - XV Series 2 - provides a special sampling of the spectacular sound effects we have published during the past few years.

XV Series 2 offers 5 CDs and 1,000 sound effects in pristine Red Book CD Audio, plus a single DVD ROM with all of the FX provided in both 16 Bit /44.1K stereo wav and 128 kbps mp3 file formats. Macintosh users can play the files in high resolution wav format if they have QuickTime 4 or a later version installed.

Heres what you will find in XV Series 2:

XV 16:

Air Blasts, Air Locks, Airplanes, All Terrain Vehicles, Ambiences, Animals (including creatures and monsters), Aquarium Sounds, Arrows & Archery, Auto Alarms & Crashes, Hummers, Police Cars and Auto Races, Axes, Bamboo Staffs, Bayonets, Bells, Bicycles (Mountain & Road), Birds, Boats, Bodyfalls

XV 17:

Bombings, Bone Breaks & Crushes, Breathing, Bubbles, Cartoon Accents, Car Washes, Clocks, Coffins, Communications & Radio Chatter, Crashes (Metal & Wood), Crowds, Doors, Dopplers, Electricity FX, Electronic & Fire Alarms, Explosions, Fireworks, Flame Throwers, Ghosts, Glass Smashes, Guns, Helicopters, Hits, Horns, Horror FX, Human FX, Impacts, Industrial Sounds, Knife Scrapes, Laboratory Sounds, Military Battles, Missiles & Mortars

XV 18:

Musical Drum Accents & Rhythms, Musical Effects, Musical Rewinds, Musical Scratches, Musical Sweepers, Musical Transitions, Police Station Alarms, Radar Sweeps, Radio Noise, Record Static, Sci Fi FX, Scuba Divers, Servos

XV 19:

Ship FX, Sirens, Snowblowers, Sonar Pings, Sports FX, Stagecoaches, Steam, Submarines, Swords, Telemetry, Television Noise, Torpedos, Train Sounds, Voices, Wagons, Water & Underwater FX

XV 20:

Weather, Whistles, Whooshes

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