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Sound Idea - Thrillers, Fantasies, Haunting

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The Thrillers, Fantasies & Hauntings
Sound Effect Collection

Acclaimed Hollywood sound designer John Peters (whose credits include Mars Attacks! and Stargate SG-1) has produced another high anxiety collection of classic sci fi and horror sound effects - Thrillers, Fantasies & Hauntings.

This 3 CD set offers a complete torture chamber full of realistic and over-the-top sound clips: ready to inflict pain, scare the living daylights out of your listeners, and send chills up your spine.

TFH-01: grisly electric chair sequences
electrical discharge effects
energy effects, magnetic waves & supernatural forces
energy streams & bolts shot/transmitted
Frankenstein's classic laboratory power generator
flame throwers, stun guns and scanning devices
arrows, knives & axes being shot and thrown
torture devices - whips, the Boot, the Rack, the Pit & the Pendulum
medieval catapult fireball launches
chain effects
bodyfalls, stumbles & footsteps
human screams

TFH-02: strange heartbeats
gory body flesh rips, stabs and exploding heads
acid melts of faces, heads & bodies
monsters, creatures, birds & ghosts
dungeon doors creaking and slamming
object impacts, bounces & ricochets
weapons: blasters, lasers, proton, zapper and neutrino guns, plus heavy weapons fire
resonating force fields & radio transmissions
explosions, landslides, avalanches, asteroid pass bys

TFH-03: storm rumbles & ominous forces
spooks, haunted houses & poltergeist activity
horror and suspense atmospheres and backgrounds
suspenseful power drones & horror music
metaphysical lightning bolts & thunderclaps
howling, ghostly, wailing & alien wind effects

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Sound Idea - Thrillers, Fantasies, Haunting
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