Rosco Screen Grey

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Rosco Screen Grey has many of the same advantages as black screen but with double the viewing cone to accommodate a wider audience. The color blends the screen into the scenery and provides true-to-life image color and clarity with higher transmission and a brighter image.

Product Specifications:
  • Width: 55" (Custom Unfinished size by special order. 100 sq. ft. minimum. Allow 4 weeks.)
  • Thickness: 7 mil
  • Composition: 100% PVC
  • Weight: 1 Pound per sq. yd.
  • Cold Crack: -12 C
  • Viewing Cone: 120°
  • Applications: Front Projection, Rear Projection
Sold by the yard. The piece you receive will be 55" wide by the quantity of yards you order.
One yard is the minimum order size. A yard is 3 feet long.

All screens are durable, washable and inherently flame retardant and should be viewed from the matte side to help minimize the unwanted effects of ambient light. Rosco screens can be washed using a soft cloth and mild dish soap. Do not use abrasives or harsh cleaners as they will damage the screen surface.

Screens are shipped folded in boxes via UPS, FedEx or common carrier (depending on size). Certain screens can be shipped rolled on a core if specified by the customer. Rosco screens should be shipped and stored at temperatures between 40F and 85F. If screens are very cold they must be allowed to warm slowly to room temperature before unpacking or cold cracking may occur. Screens should never be stored folded.

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