Rosco IPro Slide Kit

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In some instances, you may decide to make your own finished iPro Slide, not just to create your own artwork. To do this, you will need the iPro Slide Kit.

The Kit contains:
Front and Back plastic slide mounts
Protective Filter attached to Front half
Adhesive applied to Back Half
Instructions for artwork preparation, printing and assembly.

To print your own image, you must use an ink jet printer and polyester transparency film. Laser printers are not acceptable. While many consumer quality ink jet printers and transparency film will suffice, the quality among brands and models varies greatly. As such, the quality of your projection life span, color saturation and image resolution may not meet your expectations. We recommend that you test out various printers and printer settings.

You may want to download the iPro Slide Template to assist in positioning your design. The Template requires Adobe Photoshop or a comparable program capable of opening Photoshop files.
For a complete instructions on preparing and printing artwork for the ImagePro, download the iPro Slide Guide in PDF format.

For more information on preparing your artwork, link to http://www.rosco.com/us/gobocatalog/imagepro/library/art_details.html

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