Rosco I-Cue Intelligent Mirror

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The Rosco I-Cue Intelligent Mirror allows you to use your spotlights with much greater flexibility and control. The major function of the I-Cue is the ability to re-position the beam of light so a single spotlight in a fixed position can illuminate dozens of different locations.

The Rosco I-Cue has onboard DMX, which means that control and direction of the mirror -- and the beam it reflects -- is available through your lighting control system. The industry standard DMX protocol assures accurate and repeatable beam placement. Controlled via DMX 512 in 8 bit or 16 bit resolution, the moving mirror head offers smooth pan and tilt as well as quick response re-positioning. With a pan of 230 degrees and a tilt of 57.3degrees, the I-Cue can convert any standard theatrical spotlight into an effective moving light.

The device requires a 24 volt DC power supply. Multiple units may be "daisy chained" together. At 24 volts DC, the Rosco I-Cue consumes 0.7 amps. Many of the 24 volt power supply units offered by the major manufacturers of color scrollers will run the Rosco I-Cue. Here is a partial list of the scroller power supply units known to be compatible with the Rosco I-Cue: Wybron - Forerunner; Rainbow - Mini, Maxi and Micro; AC Lighting - Chroma Q and Christie Lites - Color Q.

Some Additional Information:
The Rosco I-Cue is built with ultraquiet stepper motors so it may be used in such production settings as concert halls and theatres. The device weighs only 3.5 pounds (1.59kg) and will not tip the balance of the fixture to which it is attached. The plastic mirror used in the Rosco I-Cue is a first surface mirror, 6"x 7" (15.24 x 17.78 cm). DMX addressing is achieved through user friendly rotary decimal switches (see back page for details).
Color scrollers made by all the major manufacturers can be used with the I-Cue, allowing you to create spectacular moving-light, moving-color effects so popular in today's lighting designs.

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