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Rosco Fog Fluid

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$17.80 - $62.95






Rosco Fog Fluid produces virtually any kind of fog effect easily and continuously. It is ideal for use in theater, film, television, live entertainment and special events.

Created for use in the extensive array of Rosco fog machines, Rosco Fog Fluid can produce a wide range of effects - anything from a heavy cloud to light wisps. It is designed to provide maximum hang time. Tinted green so that you can see the fluid in the bottle. (Does not produce green fog.)

Developed almost 30 years ago, this fluid is an original formulation, created as an alternative to potentially hazardous petroleum based fluids. The development of Rosco Fog Fluid was considered so innovative it won an Academy Award for this technical achievement.

Due to the current instability of the green color additive, this product is fading. It has the same performance as always, but the green color may have shifted to blue or have faded completely. Thank you for your understanding as Rosco works to resolve this issue.

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