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Rosco Custom Multi Color Glass Gobo-Original

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Go all out with a Multi Color Glass Gobo that will add dramatic intensity to any look.

Rosco custom glass gobos can be made to fit any stationary or moving lights. They offer the advantages of very sharp fidelity in both photographic and drawn images and, of course, brilliant projected color.
A multiple color, or full color gobo, is 2 colors or more, black, clear, and any grayscale within the image.
Color Glass gobos by Rosco have tremendous heat resistance due to the dichroic layers used in the manufacturing process.  These gobos can withstand heat in luminaries up to 2000 watts or more and do not degrade under the heat. Used properly, a Rosco Glass gobo can be expected to last for years with no apparent wear. We’ve manufactured literally thousands of OEM color glass gobos which have had many years’ use in the field.
  • Rosco's manufactured hi-resolution multi color glass gobos are 1.9mm thickness. This is particularly important because of the optics capability in today's highly advanced light fixtures. The substrates used allow a better focal plane. Such gobos will also fit the gobo slot of most instruments far more effectively, allowing for maximum usage of the light fixtures' projection capabilities. Using Rosco’s own dichroic coatings and through our special etch process designed for our coatings, exact art replication for color, resolution, sharpness and quality are key. The allowable image area within the gobo will also always play a part with gobo resolution.
  • Custom glass gobo with multiple colors require one day for processing and 3-5 business days for normal production.
Need advice? Our customer service staff will help you select the type of custom gobo most appropriate for your project.  Give us a call at 1-800-220-6920.
How To Place An Order
1.  Tell us what size gobo you need.  Here are some common sizes:
  • B-Size:  3 3/8" (86mm) outside diameter, 2 1/2" (64mm) image size.  Fixtures include:  ETC Source Four, Altman 360Q & Shakespeare, Colortran 5/50 and most gobo rotators.
  • A-Size: 3 15/16" (100mm)outside diameter, 3" (76mm) image size.  Fixtures include:  ETC Source Four, Colotran Leo (these fixtures can also use the B-size with the appropriate pattern holder.
  • M-Size: 2 5/8" (66mm) outside diameter,  1 7/8" (48mm) image size.  Fixtures include: ETC Source Four Junior, Altman 3.5Q
2.  Tells us what type of fixture you are planning on putting the gobo in. If it is in a moving light, be sure to include which wheel the gobo is to be used in. For example:
  • Source Four
  • Source Four Junior
  • Martin PR-1
  • Martin MAC Quantum Profile, rotating gobo wheel verses static gobo wheel
3.  Tells us when you need the gobo delivered.
  • Allow 5-7 business days for processing and manufacturing time in addition to shipping time.
  • If your need by date is within 10 business days or less we recommend you call 1-800-220-6920 to place your order.
4.  Place your order and send us the artwork.
  • Upload Artwork
  • Send Artwork via email:
5.  Give us some instructions on how you want the finished gobo to look in the "Notes" box:
  • Do you want the black areas in the artwork to project as light or shadow?
  • Do you require a proof of the final artwork before the gobo is cut? Proofs add a day or two to the process.
6.  If you need to order additional copies of the same image, click on the Custom One Color Glass Gobo-Duplicate in Related Products.
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Rosco Multi-Color Gobo - Original
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