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Any standard steel or glass gobo in the Rosco catalog is available as a low-cost Cool Ink gobo for use in LED luminaires.

LED luminaires are increasingly used as projectors in stage or event lighting designs. Because many of these luminaires generate less heat than traditional stage lighting fixtures, it is now appropriate to use low cost gobos made on a plastic base in the luminaire.

Cool Ink plastic gobos were developed by Rosco specifically for this purpose. The technology has been evolving since Rosco introduced the i-Pro Projector and i-Pro Slide Film. Today's Cool Ink gobos use the same transparency material and similar production techniques as the i-Pro Slide Film. These materials and techniques, in continuous use since 2,000, have been thoroughly tested by hundreds of users. The plastic film provides superior ink absorption resulting in the best possible image resolution.

The lightweight hard plastic rim Cool Ink gobos secure the plastic and protect the gobo. The adhesive, similar to that used and tested in the i-Pro process, makes the gobo more robust and prevents the product from wrinkling.

Cool Ink gobos are an excellent solution for short term projections in many LED luminaires. Please check with the fixture manufacturer, or with Rosco, to insure that your LED luminaire will accept plastic gobos.

Cool Ink HD gobos are recommended when your artwork has a black background. See related products.

We'll take your unique design and turn it into the high quality Cool Ink gobo. Digital artwork sent via e-mail is ideal, but we can also accept artwork via fax. Most image formats are supported.

Need advice? Our customer service staff will help you select the type of custom Cool Ink gobo most appropriate for your project. Give us a call at 1-800-220-6920.

How To Place An Order

1. Tell us what size Cool Ink gobo you need. Here are some common sizes:
  • B-Size: 3 3/8" (86mm) outside diameter, 2 1/2" (64mm) image size.  Fixtures include:  ETC Source Four LED, Chauvet Ovation LED, Robert Juliat Zep LED
  • E-Size: 1 1/2" (37.5mm) outside diameter, 1" (28mm) image size.  Fixtures include:
  • Kreios Size: 37.5mm outside diameter. Fixtures include: Osram Sylvania Kreios
2. Tells us what type of fixture you are planning on putting the Cool Ink gobo in. For example:
  • ETC Source Four LED
  • Robert Juliat Zep
  • Chauvet Ovation LED
  • Sylvania Kreios
3. Tells us when you need the Cool Ink gobo delivered.
  • Allow 3-5 business days for processing in addition to shipping time
  • If your need by date is within 5 business days or less we recommend you call 1-800-220-6920 to place your order.
4. Place your order and send us the artwork.
  • Send Artwork by Email Click Here
  • Send Artwork By Fax: 1-763-525-8676
5. Give us some instructions on how you want the finished Cool Ink gobo to look in the "Notes" box:
  • Do you want the black areas in the artwork to project as light or shadow?
  • Do you require a proof of the final artwork before the Cool Ink gobo is made?
6. Order the quantity you need. Each Cool Ink gobo is the same price.
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