Pro Gaff Flyhouse Rigging Label Tape

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SKU:T480 Flyhouse


T480 Flyhouse


Pro Gaff Flyhouse Rigging Labels are a matte cloth tape with a rubber based adhesive system featuring a liner and industry specific text

Pro Gaff® Flyhouse Rigging labels are used to keep your loading / operating rail neat, organized, and easily updated. Each roll has 320 pre-cut 2”x2.5” labels on a liner for easy application made from our 2” Pro Gaff tape with a pre-printed area for the name of the show, pipe weight, how many bricks of weight, and trim height. High strength, high performance adhesive system. Highly conformable to irregular surfaces. Weather resistant. High thread count. Abrasion resistant.


Quick Stick, Good Adhesion, Good Tensile Strength, Clean Removal, Outdoor Use, Highly Conformable, Hand Tearable, Easy Unwind, Good Abrasion Resistance, Weather Resistant, Made in the USA

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Pro Gaff Flyhouse Rigging Label Tape
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