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Telesis 8 Silicone Adhesive is a medical grade, pressure sensitive adhesive, perfect for bonding silicone and latex pieces, especially around the eyes and mouth other areas that are troublesome to glue down. This incredibly strong and durable adhesive is available in two formulas: fast-drying and slow-drying.

  • Telesis 8 is the newest addition to the evolution of the Telesis silicone adhesives line - the most popular and widely used adhesives in the industry today.
  • Once dried, the holding strength is unsurpassed. Telesis 8 will not damage silicone or latex appliances.
  • Similar in quality and characteristics to the popular Dow Corning 355 Medical Adhesive of the past.
  • Telesis 8 drying time is similar to the discontinued Dow Corning 355.

Use with Telesis Modifier for thinning adhesive and priming the skin. To accelerate the drying time of Telesis 8, prime the skin with the Modifier and then apply Telesis 8 to the appliance. Once the two surfaces connect, the drying time will take only a few moments. The hold is incredibly strong but very easy to remove with Telesis Remover. When used with the Telesis Modifier, the drying time is much faster, giving a working time similar to Telesis 7.

Removal is easy with PPI's Telesis Super Solv or Telesis Silicon Remover.

Available in 1/2 oz., and 1 oz. sizes.

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Premiere Products Telesis 8 Adhesive
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