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Call for avaliablility of 60cm x 60cm sheets


OPTI-FLECS lighting control filters provide cost-effective, easy-to-use solutions to enhance the beam-quality of any LED source. A common description of LED light is that it looks "sterile" or "flat" and that illuminated objects or people appear “sallow” or “lifeless.” This is because white LEDs often contain an overabundance of green light-energy and lack the critical parts of the spectrum that make light attractive on skin tones and architectural surfaces. The OPTI-FLECS range of semi-rigid filters contains color filters that target specific spectral spikes and output anomalies found in LED fixtures, and several unique diffusion options for softening the oftentimes harsh, directional beam produced by LED lights.


Base: Polyester (PET) laminated to acrylic

Gauge: 13 mil (0.013 inches, .33mm) nominal

Max Width: 48 in (1.2m)

Flame Retardant Rating:BS3944 PART 1 1992

Compliance: RoHS, REACH, Proposition 65

Optimal Working Temperature Range: -35°F - 240°F (-37.2°C - 115.6°C)

OPTI-FLECS is available in 21 standard diffusions and colors that are available in two standard sizes: 30cm x 30cm and 60cm x 60cm. The material is 13 mil (0.013 inches, .33mm) thick. The semi-rigid nature of the product offers a protected, reusable filter solution that can be inserted into a multitude of LED fixtures used on-stage, in broadcast studios or in architectural installations.

Note: This product is intended for use on low-heat LED sources only, and is not suitable for use on high heat fixtures. OPTI-FLECS filters are designed to be installed externally and are not intended to be used as an internal fixture component where higher operating temperatures may be present.

Product Installation:

For best results, install the filter as far away from the emitter as possible.

Install diffusions with the smooth side facing the source.

Care & Maintenance:

Color filters and Powder Frost may be cleaned with mild soap and clean water.

Other diffusions may be cleaned with mild soap and clean water on the smooth side.

Data Sheet

RoHS Compliance

Prop 65 Compliance

Color Filters IEC Compliance

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