Oliver! Costume Plot

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Oliver! Costume Plot | by Norcostco

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Consider Yourself part of the family! This musical is based on Charles Dickens’ Oliver Twist, about a young orphan in gritty 1840s London. The boys in the orphanage dream of Food, Glorious Food, but are only served gruel. When Oliver begs for more, Mr. Bumble and Widow Corney try to sell him in the streets of London. Leaving the orphanage, Oliver meets Fagin and the Artful Dodger, as well as Nancy, Bet and evil Bill Sikes. Fagin admonishes his gang to Pick a Pocket or Two, and Nancy laments As Long As He Needs Me as her reason for staying with Bill. Oliver is eventually united with long-lost family, as he wonders“Who Will Buy This Wonderful Morning?.

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