Marinco U-Ground 15A Clamp-Lock Female Connector

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15 amp Standard NEMA 5-15 Straight Blade Connector. 2 Pole, 3 Wire.
Introducing the Clamp-Lock. Its a revolutionary way to install a u-ground connector for faster assembly and to ensure a reliable, maintenance-free connection. Open the levers, insert the stripped wires and close the levers. A molded-in guide shows how much wire should be stripped. The strain relief has been designed to accommodate a wide range of cable diameters, including fiberglass sleeving.

Clamp-Lock Advantages:
  • Cage clamp terminations cannot loosen, eliminating the main cause of device failure.
  • Does not require tools; simply finger-open and close the terminals.
  • Saves labor.
  • All-black color blends into scenery.
  • Beefy external cord clamp provides excellent strain relief for a wide range of cord sizes.
  • Molded-in guide for stripping insulation.
Marinco 5-15 Plug/Connectors Features:
  • Bevel housing prevents snagging nearby equipment.
  • Dust seals keep foreign materials from terminals.
  • Internal cord clamp limits wear and prevents cord from loosening.
  • A variety of cord clamp inserts to grip most cord sizes securely.
  • Redundant color-coded terminal markings add to wiring ease and safety.
  • Terminal screws are installed in open position to speed assembly.
  • Wire entry holes are located close together to ease insertion of wires.
  • Spacious housings for faster assembly, easy clamping to cable and convenient wire stripping.
  • Speed style screws for faster assembly.
  • Designed for use with 3-wire cable with from 18/3 SJO to 12/3 S. Diameters from 0.3" to 0.655"

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