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The WSRFX is a compact RF receiver unit which can receive a USITT DMX-512 lighting control signal from a compatible wireless DMX transmitter or wireless equipped DMX lighting console. The received DMX signal is available on a standard DMX 5 pin Female XLR connector for a connection to a normal wired DMX system. The WSRFX is supplied with a UL listed external power supply and an antenna.

The WSRFX operates with a single specific compatible wireless DMX transmitter or console at a time. Receiver units get the same information they would get using a cable connected to a DMX lighting console. Multiple WSRXF receivers may be operated with a single transmitter or console.

The wireless system uses the 2.45 GHz band and operates at low power (< 100mW). The operating range is approximately 1400 ft. indoors and about 4000 ft. for outdoor operation. This range could vary significantly depending on the surrounding conditions. A link between one or more WSRFX receivers and one compatible transmitter unit is invoked to enable wireless operation. The linking operation is performed at the transmitter. Once linked, the receiving units can operate ONLY with that specific transmit ter. The link is retained even when the receiver and/or transmitter are powered off. Receiver units may be released from the link either at the transmitter or at the receiver. If released at the transmitter then ALL linked receivers will be released. If unlinked at the receiver then ONLY that receiver will be released.

  • Free Standing Wireless Receiver Box
  • Wireless DMX-512 Reliability
  • 16 Universes of 512 DMX Channels
  • Real-Time FHSS TDMA Communication
  • 83 Channel Hopping 2.45GHz Band
  • 1400 Feet Inside Range
  • 4000 Feet Outside Range
  • 5 Pin DMX-512 Input
  • AC Adapter

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