Kryolan Makeup Manual (8th Edition)

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The Kryolan Make-up Manual is a specialized book about the essential fundamental knowledge of theatrical make-up, mask/mold making, body painting, high-definition make-up, and camouflage make-up – from practice for practice. Containing many images, examples of masks, and step-by-step instructions, the book is a standard reference for professionals and hobbyist alike.

Arnold Langers Manual takes a deep and thorough look at the craft of theatrical make-up.

  • Material knowledge and basic principles are conveyed in an easy-to-understand manner
  • From make-up techniques for making a person appear younger or older; to usage of rubber parts, bald caps, beards, and wigs
  • There is one whole chapter dedicated to creating make-up for realistic portrayal of accident and emergency victims. The chapter also introduces the different types of stage blood and blood effects used in film and theater.
  • The subsequent chapters also explain airbrush make-up techniques, the art of body painting, and the use of camouflage make-up to cover up tattoos and skin anomalies.

The eighth edition of the Kryolan Make-up Manual has been completely revamped – with even more topics, tips, and images.This compact book gives basic information and inspiration from and to the field of professional theatrical makeup application. This book contains photographs of 3-D makeup, mold and mask making techniques, bald pates, body makeup and much more.

We hope that this version of the Makeup Manual can be a helpful accompaniment to you in your work.

Author: Arnold Langer
Published: 2016, 8th Edition
Publisher: KRYOLAN
Pages: 288

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