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The long awaited and now Award Winning, Graftobian HD Makeup 101 DVD is here! This 63 minute DVD has set the standard for what HD makeup instructors will teach to beginning and intermediate students for years to come.  Absolutely loaded with technique after technique, Suzanne Patterson shows her meticulous HD Makeup application style up close (macro-close) and personal.  Both Graftobian products and Suzanne Patterson's technique shine as the HD lense doesn't miss a thing!  If you want to understand HD Makeup, you need to see this DVD!  -Eric G. Coffman, Graftobian Make-Up Company

You will learn the following techniques on three skin tones(Caucasian, African American and Hispanic): Skin Prep. & Priming, Correction and Neutralization, Color Matching, HD Creme Application,  HD Pro Powder Application, Creme and Powder Blush Application, HD Brow Powder Application, Eye Lid Priming, Eye Shadow Application, Eye Lining, Mascara, Lip Lining and Coloring, HD Airbrush Makeup Application, Airbrush Contouring and Bronzing, Airbrush WalkAround(tm) System Care and Cleaning, and one example of Male Grooming.  Tools and products are identified throughout the DVD to allow you to determine how you would like to augment your own makeup kit.


Graftobian Make-Up Company, in association with High Definition Makeup University, developed this training DVD, "HD Makeup 101, Achieving Perfection with Simplicity," as an introduction to makeup products and techniques suitable for makeup for the HD broadcast format.  HD makeup demands a level of artistry that can produce flawless looking faces for high resolution cameras. 

Graftobian provides products that were developed specifically for artists to enable them to deliver a high performing, natural looking complexion for the extremely revealing High Definition image.

Graftobian HD Makeup is formulated to meet the demanding needs a makeup artist has for true color wear, adjustable coverage, smooth texture, and a flawless finish that stands up to lighting, close camera angles, and a long day of shooting.  From prep to finish, you will learn the basic steps in creating an HD camera ready face using both creme and airbrush applied makeup.  With practice you will gain confidence in and refinement of your skill set that will enable you to produce makeup that looks clean, natural, and beautifully forward for anyone appearing in high resolution media.  You will see, first hand, how Graftobian is the "go to" product line that meets the demanding requirements of high performance makeup for High Definition resolution, especially for continuity and long wear.

Suzanne Patterson, an Emmy Award® winning makeup artist, is considered one of the leading experts in HD makeup technology and techniques for the Hi-Def Acquision format.  She has been a frequent guest educator in a variety of platforms, including the Screen Actors Guild and the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers.

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