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Hammered - Rosco Image Glass #33617

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Textured glass patterns reflect and bend light into intricate patterns of light and gray-scale images. Altering the focus of the fixture transforms the image into a wide range of other textures. Combine Image Glass in a Double Gobo Rotator to build complex animation effects like moving fire or water reflections.

Available in standard "B" size (86mm) glass pattern for Ellipsoidals. Other sizes available. Call for more information.

Installation Notes:
Image Glass requires an Iris Slot Holder and must be used in the Iris slot of ellipsoidal luminaires
Image Glass used in moving lights are mounted in a metal bezel to facilitate installation.
Orientation: No special orientation required
Handling: Avoid fingerprints. Clean with a soft lint free cloth
*Max Wattage: 575w continuous; 750w short term (less than 20 minutes)

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Hammered - Rosco Image Glass #33617
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