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Gobbler Hat

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Pardon the Thought...

As delicious as turkey is when it’s smothered in gravy and eaten alongside a mound of buttery mashed potatoes, you feel bad for the goofy birds. They go about their lives just bobbing their heads and cackling about whatever turkeys discuss amongst themselves. Then on Thanksgiving and Christmas or whenever the feasting mood strikes… well, you know the drill. And sure, the US President pardons a gorgeous turkey each year, but that’s just one turkey! Surely, more of the awkward waddlers deserve a break.

Product Details

Show your support for turkeys with this Gobbler Plush Hat! This little fellow nests right on the top of your head to stay far out of the reach of whoever’s cooking the holiday dinner. Whether you sit down to nibble on some light or dark meat with the family, this charming character will remind every dinner guest that turkeys aren’t just for eating. They’re good for a laugh and a few inspiring moments. We mean, look at this guy with his soft tail-feathers opened like a fan and an adorable little pilgrim hat perched on his head!

A Turkey's Turn

This holiday, consider ham or beef to replace the traditional golden roasted turkey. Sure, there are other sweet animals to worry about when you change the meat on your dinner plate. But at least you can rest easy knowing that this Gobbler Plush Hat won’t have to watch you enjoy having his family for dinner.

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