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GAM Color

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GAMColor, deep dyed polyester color, is a superior color filter medium for use with all types of lights. Because it is deep dyed, the color will not scratch off the surface and is optically clear. The clear polyester base is highly resistant to tears, punctures, cracking and deterioration in high heat applications. The dyes used to produce GAMColor are the most stable and heat resistant available. The chemical process ensures that the colors will be clean and clear with excellent transmission and consistency. GAMColor quality control includes constant monitoring, from raw material to finished product. For more information about the manufacturing of GamColor and its temperature range click on specifications.

The GAMColor system divides the visible spectrum into nine color sections convenient to the lighting designer. It is a circular classification of colors by hue, referencing the primaries, secondaries and important subdivisions. The GAMColor swatchbook is arranged according to this system, making it easy to locate any color in a logical manner. As new colors are added, they will be numbered and positioned properly on the wheel and in the swatchbook.

GAMColor is available in 20" x 24" sheets.

GAMColors are numbered in color sections as follows:
  • 100-Magenta
  • 200-Red
  • 300-Orange
  • 400-Yellow
  • 500-Yellow
  • 600-Green
  • 700-Blue Green
  • 800-Blue
  • 900-Violet
GAMColor also provides a family of color correction and neutral density filters for motion picture and television applications. These filters can be found under CineFilters as well as a family of cosmetic colors called Naked Cosmetics. GAM created a unique line of correction filters that have self-adhesive backing for application to windows called WindowGrip.

HeatShield, for extending the color life of the color filter, and GAM UV Filter, for reducing the harmful rays of ultraviolet light, are found in the GAMColor section. All of the GAMColors as well as UV Filters, Neutral Densities and Diffusions are available as GAMTUBE sleeves for covering just about any fluorescent lamp.

Spectral distribution information for any GAMColor can be seen by simply clicking on the color shown on the wheel. The full spectral distribution chart will come up along with the colors on both sides of the color you've selected. The color wheel offers a convenient way to find complementary colors. If you have selected a color you'd like to use and are looking for its complementary colors, simply look across the wheel to find a large selection of complementary colors. Under the Color Theory section, you will find information on how we measure color; explanations of Kelvin, CIE Chromaticity Chart and other useful tutorial information about light and color.

GAMColor Swatchbook Information - The spectral distribution chart shown on each page of the GAMColor swatchbook reflects the full energy distribution of a full spectrum light source beam as it passes through the filter. The graph shows the absorption and transmission of colors in the full visible range from 400nm to 700nm, as well as ultraviolet 300 to 400nm and infrared 700 to 800nm. This chart allows you to understand the spectral energy distribution of any color. Also shown in the total percentage of light transmission, for example 350, DARK AMBER, 51% T.

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Gam Color

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