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GAM CineFilters

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The GAMColor CineFilter color correction filters such as CTO and CTB are used to change the color temperature of a light source to balance your lighting situation.

GAM CineFilter is available in 20" x 24" sheets.

For example, CTOs are used to change or modify sunlight coming through a window to match an incandescent light source. CTBs are used to change an incandescent light source to match daylight coming through a window. 

Neutral Density filters (ND) reduce the light without shifting the color temperature. GAM offers five steps of Neutral Density plus three combination CTO and Neutral Density filters.

Minus Greens (MG) are used to eliminate the peak green output of fluorescent lights and many discharge lamps (also ideal for eliminating the peak green in HMI Sources). Plus Green filters (PG) are designed with the theory that if you can't beat 'em join 'em. If a very large area is lit with fluorescent light fixtures the added incandescent fill lights can be shifted towards green, to match the fluorescents. Later the lab can correct the color in post production. Or when shooting video the camera can be balanced to the situation.

The GAMColor CineFilter Swatchbook has the key information you will need in a quick-and-easy-to-read format. Light loss is given in the nearest f stop and as a percentage. The quick reference chart shows how each filter alters the color temperature of a 3200Æ’ (tungsten) and a 5600Æ’ (nominal daylight) light source. Color shift (Kelvin temperature) is also shown for each CineFilter as well as mired shift. (For an explanation of mired shift click on Instructions.) The full spectral distribution chart shows each filter's response to visible spectrum as well as near UV and infrared energy. Each page has a brief description of the filter's function and application. The inside front cover is a handy white reference card, the inside back cover is an 18% grey reference card.

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