ElektraLite EyeBall UV

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A powerful fixture in a compact body, the ElektraLite eyeBall UV/IUV is ready to solve your solutions both big and small. The eyeBall UV/IUV is available in UV (385nm), and IUV (365nm), offering a broad range of flexibility. Impressive light output delivers incredible fluorescence at distances of more than 75 feet. Able to fit in tight spaces, and designed with a low profile for low ceiling applications, the eyeBall is ideally suited for integration into existing spaces and minimal space requirements for new projects.
  • The eyeBall UV has 12 single source 5 watt LEDs.
  • The single source LEDs at 5 watts are extremely bright and can be used to light a stage.
  • Projection on a wall wash gives an even and wide saturation using the eye Ball 40 degree fixture.
  • The eyeBall is controlled via DMX-512 or it can also be set to run automatically, so no need for controller and signal cables. Input voltage range for the eye Ball is between 100 volts to 240 volts.
  • A strong double yoke allows for floor mount or hanging of the eyeBall.
  • The fans can be set to run normally or turned off or they can even be controlled via DMX.
  • The eyeBall has both power input and output for easy daisy chaining and comes with a link cable. The DMX connectors are 5 pin however 5 to 3 turnarounds are provided to change both input and output to 3 pin.
The eyeBall UV is available in three beam angles 10, 25 and 40 degrees. Made by ElektraLite.

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