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Dual-tech occupancy sensor for surface mounting, large room (1900sq.ft.), white finish, 902MHz radio QUOTE REQUEST

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The Dual Tech Ceiling Mount Sensor (MOS-DT) is a 360 degree ceiling sensor providing reliable battery-free occupancy detection that communicates wirelessly with Echoflex controllers. A combination of passive infrared (PIR) and audio sensing technologies ensures positive occupant detection.The MOS-DT occupancy sensor is wireless and powered using solar energy harvesting from natural and artificial light sources. The advanced power management and efficient solar energy harvesting features make the optional battery redundant in normal workplace environments. Passive audio sensing technology provides coverage of audible human activity across much of the PIR detection range and innovative noise filtering is used to prevent false triggers that keep lights on in empty rooms. The MOS-DT fits well in energy code vacancy applications (manual-ON + automatic-OFF) while providing immediate response to new occupancy states making it an ideal solution for automatic-ON lighting applications.The MOS-DT incorporates test features that provides installers the ability to ensure reliable communications, sufficient energy harvesting and occupant detection without extra tools or software. PIR and audio sensitivity adjustments can be made to eliminate false tripping insuring reproducible operation.The MOS-DT is available in two models providing PIR ranges suitable for small or larger motion detection, optimized for ceiling heights of 8-9 feet.
• Solar powered, wireless , dual technology occupancy/vacancy sensor
• Passive audio detection > 18 feet of human activity keeps the lights on even in quiet spaces
• Ceiling mount with 360° of detection
• Part of a seamless energy control solution when used with Echoflex lighting controllers
• Immediate response to motion even in a dark room
• Integrated Range Confirmation® via tri-colored LED indication
• Integrated Solar Harvesting Light Level LED indication
• Sensitivity adjustment (high, medium or low) to avoid nuisance triggering
• Walk-Test feature allows installers to test operation and installation location during commissioning
• Transmits occupied and unoccupied states
• Operates in low light conditions, 50 lux (5 fc)
• Up to 7 days operation in complete darkness in battery free applications
• Reliable radio reception range of 24 m (80 ft) - commercial office spaces (typical), up to 100m (330 ft) line of sight
• Available in 902 MHz and 868MHz frequencies

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Dual-tech occupancy sensor for surface mounting, large room (1900sq.ft.), white finish, 902MHz radio QUOTE REQUEST
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