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ADC Rig-I-Flex C.W.A.N.A.

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Rig-I-Flex® is a versatile I-beam track that has been engineered for both curved (model 140) and straight (model 141) cord operated systems as well as “walk-along” (model 142) operation. It was specially designed for medium weight curtains on stages and TV studio applications.

CWANA means Complete With All Necessary Accessories.
A standard accessory group includes track channel, single carriers supplied on 12" centers, master carriers, end pulleys, floor pulley, lap clamps, hanging clamps, end stops and operating cord.

Rig-I-Flex Notes:
  • Overall track length for cord operated systems should not exceed 60’ for biparts or 40' for one-way draws.
  • Model 140 curved utilizes spindles and idler brackets (Notincluded in CWANA pricing) for guiding the operating cord along the curved areas.
  • The track can be curved on-the-job or at the factory (optional).
  • Manually operated cord-drawn curved tracks require more effort than straight tracks. Therefore, motorized systems should be used, especially where sharp curves are involved.
  • Rig-I-Flex 1400 track can be curved to a 2’ minimum radius for curves up to 90 degrees. For systems with curves greater than 90 degrees or systems with multiple curves, please contact the factory.
  • The track must be solidly anchored to an overhead structure with ceiling clamps.
  • Pipe backbones are recommended for suspended systems.
  • This track cannot be used for cord operated reverse curved or serpentine layouts.
Curtain tracks (Model 1400) shall be of 11 gauge extruded aluminum I-Beam construction consisting of a center rib and top, intermediate and bottom flanges. Each curtain carrier (Model 4201) shall be spaced on 12" centers and shall be of steel construction to include two nylon-tired ball-bearing wheels rolling on two separate parallel treads. Each curtain carrier shall consist of a free-moving plated swivel to accommodate curtain snap hook. Live-end (Model 1403) and Dead-end (Model 1404) pulley blocks shall be equipped with sleeve-bearing wheels adequately guarded. Nylon snap-on spacers shall be attached to wheel supports of curtain carriers. The manufacturer shall furnish two end stops (Model 4209) for placement at track ends and a tension floor pulley (Model 2865) for increasing cord tension. Track shall be rigidly supported from ceiling clamps (Model 1423) or hanging clamps (Model 4208). Stretch-resistant operating cord (Model 1728 for hand operating tracks and Model 3529 for machine operated tracks) shall have synthetic or wire center and shall be of 1/4" or 3/16" diameter. Curves require ball-bearing spindles (Models 1458 & 1459) and ball-bearing idlers (Model 1460). 1-1/4" I.D. stiffening pipe or the equivalent shall be used to support both straight and curved areas of all suspended curved tracks.
Model 140 as manufactured by Automatic Devices Company of Allentown, PA.

A CWANA example:
Assume a 28' track in two 14' sections for hand operation 12' high is ordered.
Shipment would include:
  • 28' I-Beam Track (2 pieces x 14' long)
  • 26 Single Carriers
  • 2 Master Carriers
  • 1 Live End Pulley
  • 1 Dead End Pulley
  • 1 Tension Floor  Pulley
  • 1 Lap Clamp
  • 8 Hanging Clamps (pairs)
  • 2 End Stops
  • 80' Cord  (to calculate approximate amout of cord for hand operation, double track length and curtain height and add together)
Ordering Notes:
  • All track systems are shipped unassembled.
  • Track systems typically ship via Freight carrier.
  • Tracks are shipped in even lengths only. (For example, is a 35' track in two sections is 17-1/2' is ordered, we will actually ship a 36' track in two 18' sections. Customer will be invoiced on that basis.)
  • Unless otherwise noted, all track systems are assumed to be bi-part operation.
  • Unless otherwised noted, all track sytems will be assumed to be suspended installations and sent with suspended hanging clamps. Advise if track will be ceiling mounted.
Please contact Norcostco for more information.

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