Infinity Park Event Center



Infinity Park Event Center -  Glendale, CO

Project Manager:  Brian Mills/Ian Floyd, Norcostco-Denver



The Infinity Park Event Center houses eight separate venues that are perfect for any occasion.  In 2008 Norcostco-Denver installed a state-of-the-art lighting and video projection system in the premier space, the International Ballroom.  The International Ballroom can seat up to 750 guests, and the lighting and video systems provide a backdrop that can be customized for any event. 




Installation of new lighting, rigging, and projection systems






1-Ion1000 ETC Ion Console,


1-1x20 ETC Ion Fader Wing  1x20


1-2x10 ETC Ion Fader Wing  2x10


2-ETC Sensor+ 48 Module Dimmer Rack With 96 Dimmer Modules


1-Unison Portable Lcd Touchscreen


55' Connector Strip With Pigtails and 20A Stage Pin Connectors


ETC Recessed Wall Pocket, 6 Outlets with Stage Pin Connectors


10-ETC Source 4 Ellipsoidal 26°


10-ETC Source 4 Ellipsoidal 36°


15-ETC Source 4 Par Ea With Set Of Four Standard Lenses


10-Wybron Nexera LX 25-40 Profile


2-Wybron PS-150 Power Supply


20-ETC Selador Vivid-R




Motorized Rigging:


Desisti 40' Motorized Batten Hoist (3 Linesets)


Desisti Hoist Wall Mount Manual Control System


Desisti Remote Control With 75' Cable


Desisti Wall Mount Motor Relay Panel




Video Projection:


12-Highend Systems DL-2 With Lamp And Roadcase


Highend Systems Road Hog Full Boar Console


D-Tek D-Mix Pro Dmx Video Mixing Unit


Marshall 4 Channel S-Video To Composite Converter


Marshall 3-4 Rack Mounted Full Color Lcd Panel


Muxlab Videoease S-Video Balun


Gorilla 19/12unit Rackmount Case


Knox Video Switcher 16x16


Doug Fleenor DMX-RS 232