Grace Church



Grace Church - Eden Prarie, MN

Owner: Grace Church
Architect: Hammel Green and Abrahamson
Consultant: Schuler Shook
Project Manager: Rob Koontz
In 2004 Norcostco installed the drape system that was originally conceived for the church but not installed at the time of construction. The curtain package provided both framing and masking for the the unique 94-foot-wide stage layout in the colossal 4,250 seat venue.

An integration of motorized movement and DMX controls brought curtain control to the lighting and sound operators. Preset looks and complex sequences were achieved by moving light style programming. Playback could be run live from the console but was primarily intended to be recalled on simple wall station buttons.

This project required coordination with 6 venders as well as mechanical and electrical solution design in the field. The end result was a melding of the original architect’s concept, Schuler Shook’s design, manufacturer capabilities and limitations, and the realities of a construction site that was not adapted to the requirements of the equipment.



Provide motorized curtains for main and mid-stage curtains as well as side-stage masking.



Venetian Main with 16 lift points

Mid-stage Bi-Parting Traveler

2 Side-stage Masking Travelers

Mid-stage Border

Upstage Catwalk Border

Downstage Heat Barrier Border

Side-stage Borders


Black Scrim



20 ADC provided gear motors

Wybron Motivator DMX motor controllers

Entertainment Technology Horizon Gold interface with button stations

Pathway DMX management

Various optical sensors and encoder devices

ADC Patriarc Track

JR Clancy Loft Blocks and Truss Battens