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From Elaborate To Distressed

Norcostco Costumes It All

Every show customized to your production’s needs. We hand-select your costumes from the hundreds of thousands of costumes in our ever-evolving stock. We do not buy our costumes “off the rack". Each of our costumes is a Norcostco Original and will not be found anywhere else because we custom manufacture our costumes; we always have. Our staff of designers / theatre professionals continually strives to create the highest quality garments available and make them perfect for today’s Top Shows.

This is how we can be certain that the costumes we provide are:

• Period Correct Styling
• Appropriate to today’s shows
• Character driven
• Finely detailed- we love trims and embellishments
• True to the Norcostco level of quality
• Creative and fun
• Perfectly accessorized
• Easily alterable for quickly adapted fit
• Our Stock Covers a HUGE range of sizes:
    • 30-68 Chest for the Suits
    • 24-60 Bust for the Dresses
• Comfortable: to wear and perform in
• Practical: our pants and coats have pockets!
• Durable: to work hard on-stage
• Launderable: for cleanliness
• Eco Friendly: Water-based Cleaning Process

Because we work in theatre, we know that not every dress is supposed to be beautiful. We also know that Dolly has to hit the stage in that red dress that knocks ‘em dead. We cover the full spectrum of needs for theatre and have been doing it since 1884. Yes, that’s 136 years. We know our job and we know it well! You can count on us.

For a look at examples of our actual costumes, click here