Cleburne Conference Center



Cleburne Conference Center - Cleburne, TX

Project Manager: Larry Danforth


The Cleburne Conference Center is a 45,000 sq. ft. facility, completed in 2010, capable of meeting
the most discerning needs of event and convention planners. The new venue hosts a 297-seat
performing arts center that can be used for general sessions, seminars, or by local theatre arts
groups. Norcostco--Texas Costume provided new state of the art theatrical equipment for the
theatre space.

Scope: Installation of new theatrical dimming and control, lighting fixtures, architectural
controls, dead-hung and motorized rigging, curtains, and track

19-Entertainment Technologies IPS Dimmer Strips

Jands Vista S3 Console
Entertainment Technologies ILS-DMX Snapshot/Architectural Controller
Pathway 1 in 12 out Opto-Splitter (2)

40-ETC Source Four Ellipsoidals
20-ETC Source Four Zooms
20-ETC Source Four PARNels
6-Altman 10' Striplights
8-Altman PAR 38

Vortek M Series Motorized Linesets - 2 FOH/8 On Stage
Vortek M Series Controller with Handheld Remote
Xtreme Structures 2' Aluminum Ladder Truss 20 - 10' Sections
9-Dead hung Linesets
ADC Traveler Tracks

1 Main Valance
1 Grand Drape
1 Act Traveler
1 Upstage Traveler
3 Borders
4 Sets of Legs
1 Black Sharkstooth Scrim
1 White Sharkstooth Scrim
1 White Cyclorama