Sound Ideas 7000 Ambiance 2 Library

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The Series 7000 Ambience II Sound Effects Library

Offering more than 350 contemporary ambience sound effects on 15 CDs, Ambience II provides more variety than ever before. This collection of sound clips includes six CDs exclusively devoted to extensive coverage of international ambiences, and also features a "Scenes" CD: a great new Sound Idea. Each track in the library is digitally recorded and all are exactly 3 minutes in length.

7001 Barns, Countrysides, Forests, Jungles, Marshes, Mountains, Oceans, Storms, Winds
7002 Airports, Arcades, Ballrooms, Banks, Bars, Basketball, Beaches, Billiard Halls, Boardrooms, Bowling, Fairs
7003 Bus Stations, Casinos, Cities, Construction, Conventions
7004 Indoor Crowds (Small, Medium & Large), Outdoor Crowds (Medium & Large)
7005 Harbours, Hockey, Hospitals, Household, Industries, Libraries, Lobbies, Markets, Office Foyers, Parades
7006 Parks, Parking Lots, Parties, Playgrounds, Residential, Restaurants, Room Tones
7007 Room Tones, Schools, Service Stations, Ice Skating, Stadiums
7008 Stock Exchanges, Stores, Subways, Swimming Pools, Symphonies, Theatres, Train Stations
7009 Scenes CD: Barns, Battles, Caves, Christmas, Cities, Courtrooms, Dinosaur Parks, Earthquakes, Fight Scenes, Forest Fires, House Fires, Horror, Police Accidents, Steam Train Stations, Western Streets
7010 Foreign Ambiences from: Australia, Austria, Belgium, China, Czech Republic
7011 Foreign Ambiences from: Czech Republic, Denmark, Egypt, England, France
7012 Foreign Ambiences from: Germany, Hong Kong, Hungary, Iceland, India
7013 Foreign Ambiences from: India, Italy, Japan, Korea, Luxembourg, Malaysia
7014 Foreign Ambiences from: Mexico, Nepal, Netherlands, Poland, Russia, Scotland
7015 Foreign Ambiences from: Scotland, Spain, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, Uruguay

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