ETCnomad Student Edition USB ONLY

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ETCnomad Student Package

Are you a student with high ambitions? Do you want your own professional yet affordable control system? We have just the answer for you: the ETCnomad Student Package. It’s an ideal foundation for students interested in lighting control.

What does the Student Package include?

It includes a 512 ETCnomad lighting controller key The tiny USB key plugs into a computer, turning it into a flexible controller that runs both ETC Cobalt® and Eos®-family software; 


Am I eligible?

You can purchase the Package if ...

  • An individual currently in an education program or undergoing an apprenticeship or internship
  • A student or teacher at a primary or secondary school (any grade level)
  • A student, professor or instructor at a college or university

Proof of enrollment, valid at the time of order, is required as proof of eligibility. There is a limit of one Package per student.


How do I get one?

Simply email your completed PDF order form and proof of eligibility to Norcostco. To complete the form, you’ll need to include the email you used to register with MyETC. If you haven’t registered already, you can do so here.


What's next?

There’s no need to worry — the dongle will not expire when you complete your studies and there will be nothing extra to pay. You do have the option to upgrade to more universes, although this will be at the regular price.


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ETCnomad Student Edition USB ONLY
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