ETC Source Four Fresnel 7"

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ETCs new Source Four Fresnel brings you the soft-focus lighting and sparkle you love, with Source Four quality and efficiency. Lighting designers have long applied the romance of Fresnel light -- the controlled blending washlight and soft beam you can only get from a barn-doored Fresnel. Now you have that singular light quality and effect, and more, in a Source Four fixture.
Weve combined the best of our acclaimed Source Four HPL lamp technology with the unique optics of a traditional Fresnel. (And that means you can further streamline your fixture lamp inventory with a single source the HPL.) ETCs Fresnel gives you the high-performance light output and energy savings of a Source Four and the lighting characteristics that only a Fresnel optical system can provide. Weve combined that classic system with a special ETC dichroic reflector design, enabling the HPL 750W Source Four Fresnel to equal the light output of 1000W Fresnel fixtures.
With the Source Four Fresnel, you choose the lamp wattage that best suits your particular application and energy requirements from 375W to 575W to 750W lamps. And when you need to relamp a Source Four Fresnel, ETCs smart new design makes your work easier than ever. Our innovative socket and access door let you change out the lamp from underneath the fixture -- without having to break focus -- saving on work, time and trouble.
Its a zoom to focus. With the Source Four Fresnel, you get that timeless Fresnel light in a 21st-century fixture. ETCs innovative mechanical design has simplified the focusing for you. Whatever physically awkward spot youre working in, we make it easier for you to adjust the fixture from spot to flood, with a full-sized zoom knob you can get a real grip on. Weve also engineered the fixture-housing to eliminate light leaks and minimize spillage.
Replace your old Fresnels with a fixture thats built to last: like all the Source Fours in your rig, the ETC Fresnel is made of ETC-quality die-cast aluminum.
Uses Source Four Par accessories.
Fixture includes: Source Four Fresnel fixtures are shipped with a gel frame and are equipped with 36" three-wire Teflon power leads with bare ends, encased in fiberglass.
Lamps, c-clamp, safety cable and connectors are not shipped with the fixture and must be ordered separately
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ETC Source Four Fresnel 7"
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