Canto Astro 500

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CantoUSA is the trusted name in modern follow spots. Bright, modular, and ease of use are the trademarks of this economical line of units that can go anywhere and perform multiple tasks. The design is simple and elegant with ergonomic handling and easy to understand labeling. It’s all-in-one ordering system guarantees that the unit is delivered with everything needed to plug the fixture into the wall and begin your show. CantoUSA followspots are great for schools, universities, professional theater, touring and houses of worship.

Unit Stats
• Double Condenser+ Zoom
• Internal Ballast
• 8º to 22º Zoom
• 120V-240V

Whats in the Box
• Follow Spot Fixture
• Douser Iris
• Iris
• Tripod Stand
• 5 Color Boomerang
• Electronic Power Supply
• Power Cable
• 15 Amp Edison
• 7.25” Round Gel Pack (5 Colors)
• 28mm Spigot

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